This indicator refers to the movement of people and business into and out of the county. Tracking data for residential and business in-migration provides an indication of market conditions and trends in where people choose to live and start businesses. This indicator is valued for the positive impacts on neighborhoods, commercial areas, as well as population, diversity and economic growth.

Economic Competitive Factors

  • Housing Affordability
  • Income Ranking
  • Quality of Life
  • Higher Education ROI
  • Apartment Living
  • Overall Affordability
  • Corporate Expansion
  • Dayton Area Hospitals

Travel Time to Work

Cultural/Recreational Factors

  • College Basketball
  • Local Museums
  • Dayton Dragons
  • Bike Trails
  • Parks
  • Golf Courses

Residential In and Out Migration

Government Cooperation-Coordination-Collaboration

  • Solid Waste Disposal District
  • Miami Valley Communications Council
  • Southwest Ohio Purchasers for Government
  • Well Field Protection Program
  • Business First!
  • ED/GE
  • First Suburbs Consortium
  • Arts/Cultural District

Potential and Realized Talent

Reputational and Image

  • Best Cities for Millenials
  • Arts